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Sending Snark + Sentiment.

Farewell Paperie is a letterpress and design studio in sunny Seattle, Washington. We make "smart snark" letterpress paper goods that blend visual with tactile. With our 1905 Chandler & Price (Bill) and 1960's Heidelberg Windmill printing presses (Helga and Blanche, respectively), we put handmade love into colorful typography and friendly messaging that feels like you’re saying it in person. Every design is meant to be a souvenir from life’s little inside jokes.

Whenever possible, we strive to run an eco-friendly shop using non-toxic solvents and 100% tree-free paper.


credit: Armosa Studios


Lisa G. Towns

Lisa is Creative Director and co-thinker-upper behind Farewell Paperie. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, she has a background in advertising and design and a love of color and patterns that started way back from days of making friendship bracelets and cross-stitching. She likes well-kerned type, super dark chocolate, sunset hikes with her husband, and if time allowed, she would deep clean the studio every day. On Lisa’s desk, there’s a mug that says “Professional Smartass” and a tin of mints labeled “neurotic,” which—along with the Steelers sticker on her car—just about says it all.

Jen Pham-Corbett

Jen is Creative Director and the other original half of Farewell Paperie. Originally from Southern California, she hung out in Georgia for just enough time to get a real degree, a fake degree, marry a boy, fall in love with letterpress and then move back to the west coast. Jen’s background in advertising and copywriting come in marginally useful while concepting and designing snarky card ideas with Lisa. She’s a junk food junkie who enjoys running TV marathons and making funny faces at her cute-ass baby. Did someone say tater tots?

Darlene Wasserman

As DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, Darlene knows how to keep a tight (and tidy) ship. We serendipitously met her in our building one day, not knowing she and her husband owned an architecture firm down the hall. With a background in bookkeeping and overall awesomeness, Darlene is the den mother who tells it like it is and keeps us all sane. It’s an added bonus that she loves 90's music and Chick-fil-a just as much as we do.

Jessica Hoffman

As PRESS OPERATOR, Jessica keeps the prints coming for Farewell Paperie. With an MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking, this Philly transplant keeps our letterpress operation legit. When she’s not cranking away in the Farewell studio, she’s in her own studio making tiny creations of books and creative pieces to show at galleries in Seattle. She has a magic printer’s touch, along with an impressive knack for 90s movie references.

Ellie Gottschalk

As FULFILLMENT WHIZ, Ellie has always had the love of paper running through her veins. Growing up, she worked at her mom’s stationery store, then moved on to Paper Source when she began school at the University of Washington. It was no surprise that she ended up with us, slinging paper, and shipping out orders like a pro. When Ellie’s not in our studio, she’s working on her lovely hand lettering and exploring the great PNW outdoors.

image description

Little known fact

Lisa has an insane ability to sniff out freshly made cookies from the bakery across the street.

Our beloved mascot, Harley, was with us from the very beginning, when we were making cards by hand in Lisa’s dining room, and was the absolute best studio dog a letterpress stationery company could ask for. We miss him every day.

Little known fact

Lisa and Jen totally would have been 4th grade BFFs.